Culinary tips

Learn more about the various fruit, veges and other produce we supply and how to incorporate them into your meals and diet.

Basil tips!

DO NOT COOK!!!! add at the end of a dish.


lightly cooking these beans is the key to enjoy them. they make a great warm salad base with lots of chopped garlic and lemon zest.

Carrots baby

just wash and eat/cook don't peel

Chilli Green

There is no cuisine that does not have a speciality for a chilli, green ones add a fresh sappy fire to dishes.


delicious chopped over new potatoes with lashings of butter

Cucumber apple

dress with cider vinegar and white pepper and sliced white onions

Kaffir lime leaf ##

used for Thai cuisine,finely shred and sprinkle over salads soups or curry when serving.very intense lime aroma.

Lemon balm

for a refreshing tea on a hot day.


shred leaves to give strong celery aroma

Potatoes new Lisetta

boli, bake ,salad.!!


Rhubarb, if you don't want to cook with sugar use 1/2 a cup of chopped dry dates the juice of two oranges and the zest of one simmer gently and let stand overnight.


Not only is this spinach fabulous cooked, but the first way I was introduced to it was by an Italian lady who cooked with me. Every Sunday she made this salad for her parents!

Shred the spinach superfine, like lettuce of old. Dress with chopped garlic Dijon mustard, red wine vinegar, olive oil and S&P. Eat after a hearty dinner.



Zucchini !!!! ###

The options are endless THEY ARE SIMPLY A FLAVOUR CULINARY VEHICLE don't forget raw!! Delicious option is no split them length wise toss in oil season heavily and BBQ.