Culinary tips

Learn more about the various fruit, veges and other produce we supply and how to incorporate them into your meals and diet.

Basil tips!

DO NOT COOK!!!! add at the end of a dish.

Beans Broad ####,

sautee  spring onions and green garlic in Generous amount of Olive oil, add broad beans and a few table spoons of water,
cook very lightly and rapidly. finish with: diced feta cheese. toasted hazelnuts dill parsley mint fresh diced tomato(choose some of these)
###Bizarra!! Forget HUMUS this is Trending!!  even more than french onion dip!!! its common throughout the middle East
shell the broad beans, boil lightly, if you can double pod(take off the outside skin) its even sweeter.puree with garlic salt pepper and LOTS OF GOOD olive oil. flavour options are, tosated cummin, fresh chopped coriander, sumac, smoked paprika , dried chilli, roasted coriander seed(ground) spread it on Everything.


Put them in EVERYTHING!! replace spring onions., leeks and onions at this time of year.

Green Garlic ###

at this time of year when non chemically stored garlic has become well beyond use Traditional cultures substitute the clove with finely chopped young plants. just add them in at the same time as you would have added chopped cloves. Store the plant as for a spring onion and Utilize the whole lot.

Lettuce little gem leaf and heart washed.

crisp sweet lettuce

Onions fresh bunch white salad

They can be cooked also

Potatoes New ;Rocket

Lots of Butter!!


Delicious with Sheeps milk yoghurt.



Yoghurt Sheep's milk.###

Dollop it on breakfast, on dessert, for savoury(mexican o curry o turkish o greek) add to baking.Add a a little salt place in a clean cloth over a colander and allow to drain @ room temperature for a day,shape into balls and store in olive oil in the fridge:This is labneh a soft cheese.

Zucchini !!!! ###

The options are endless THEY ARE SIMPLY A FLAVOUR CULINARY VEHICLE don't forget raw!!