Culinary tips

Learn more about the various fruit, veges and other produce we supply and how to incorporate them into your meals and diet.

Artichokes jerusalem

scrub slice in half soak in acidulated water (lemon juice or cider vinegar for 12 hours prior to cooking.
long slow baking in lots of oil until caramelized is best.


this herb only grows in the cooler months its sort of an opposite of basil
the main thing is it is added at the end of preparation not during cooking
goes well with Tomatoe
leeks and butter with orichette pasta ,Marriage made in heaven!!
All egg dishes
chisken and fish
One of the french 'FINE HERBES"

Chilli Green

There is no cuisine that does not have a speciality for a chilli, green ones add a fresh sappy fire to dishes.

Chilli red

put some in the freezer and just take one out and chop frozen to give a good fresh chilli flavour to dishes when needed.

Endive Frisee

Good oil and light vinegar make the best dressings;champagne vinegar and hazelnut oil!!(available locally)

Kale ###

For Raw  salad shred or tear finely.make a dressing of garlic ,seed mustard,chives, chervil or parsley S. & P. and olive oil.
to cook always sweat the stems with onions or garlic ( chilli ,anchovy and lemon zest an option for Pasta topping) Then add the torn leaves when they are soft with a little water cook over high heat  until just vibrant green. Long cooking brings out the strong mustardy flavours like your grandmas  boiled cabbage.

Lemon balm

for a refreshing tea on a hot day.


shred leaves to give strong celery aroma

Poire Tapee; squashed pears

serve with excellent black coffee, eat everything except the stalk the seed s will delivery you great levels of potassium boron and vitamin b12!! as nature intended,.

Potatoes AGRIA

Boil ,bake  cook in casseroles and soups.

Pumpkin,5 crown

the sky is the limit .even more versatile than a zuccini!!!


Rhubarb, if you don't want to cook with sugar use 1/2 a cup of chopped dry dates the juice of two oranges and the zest of one simmer gently and let stand overnight.


Not only is this spinach fabulous cooked, but the first way I was introduced to it was by an Italian lady who cooked with me. Every Sunday she made this salad for her parents!

Shred the spinach superfine, like lettuce of old. Dress with chopped garlic Dijon mustard, red wine vinegar, olive oil and S&P. Eat after a hearty dinner.

tomatoes dried

antipasto snack, add to mixed grain salads. drop in a braise towards the end.
cook with onions garlic capers and white wine for a pasta dressing.