Culinary tips

Learn more about the various fruit, veges and other produce we supply and how to incorporate them into your meals and diet.

Cabbage cour a la gallego

Look up the Portuguese recipe.

celeriac bulbs ###

peel and add to potatoes whist cooking to make a very good Mash. Add to slow cooking dishes and soup. can be eaten as a raw salad

Celery Small

Don't forget to shred the leaves into your dishes at the last minute to deliver Full celery flavour.


this herb only grows in the cooler months its sort of an opposite of basil
the main thing is it is added at the end of preparation not during cooking
goes well with Tomatoe
leeks and butter with orichette pasta ,Marriage made in heaven!!
All egg dishes
chicken and fish
One of the french 'FINE HERBES"

Eggs Duck###

fabulous value very large eggs delicious made into frittata , Quiche withe the addition of lots of spring Herbs.
Make excellent Spanish Tortilla(with smoked Paprika) Perfect for fried rice with a little soy sauce and sesame oil.

Fennel Bulb ###

delicious raw with walnuts , dried tomatoes and lots of chopped parsley: or oranges and black olives.!! use fresh fruity vinegar such as cider or moscatel and lots of Olive oil when dressing.

Potato and fennel soup
2 diced onions 5 fresh bay leaves two bulbs of fennel sliced,sautee in 80mls of olive oil with 50g of butter and 2 tspns of salt until lightly golden.Add1 kg of peeled sliced heather potatoes then2 lts of chicken stock or water and bouillon.simmer until soft then mash or puree to desired soup consistency Check seasoning finish with chopped young fennel greens and
yoghurt with crushed garlic.
Tomato fennel pasta.
make a rich diced onion and fennel tomato sauce with lots of olive oil finish with chopped green garlic and chives serve with your favourite  pasta.

Kale Cavolo Nero

For Raw salad shred or tear finely.make a dressing of garlic ,seed mustard,chives, chervil or parsley and olive oil. to cook always sweat the stems with onions or garlic ( chilli ,anchovy and lemon zest an option for Pasta topping) Then add the torn leaves when they are soft with a little water cook over high heat until just vibrant green

Pea Shoots

stir fry add to soup or use for a salad.


DELICOUS SNACK= slivers of quince topped with  walnuts and a rich BLACK coffee keep you going all afternoon.
Traditional Argentine and spanish use is on top of a slice of cheese after dinner.

Salad mixed washed leaves

good red wine and olive oil dressing. or balsamic vinegar.

Tomato Sauce

Lifts a sausage into gourmet status.