Culinary tips

Learn more about the various fruit, veges and other produce we supply and how to incorporate them into your meals and diet.

Artichokes jerusalem

scrub slice in half soak in acidulated water (lemon juice or cider vinegar for 12 hours prior to cooking.
long slow baking in lots of oil until caramelized is best.
YOU CAN USE THEM FOR A Potage which is basically A genuine chowder base :onoins sliced artichokes and Potatoes cooked in butter and olive oil with Bay leaves add chicken ,fish or vegetable stock simmer until tender and puree THEN LIGHT COOK SOME SMOKED FISH, SHEllfish Or just season with sour cream and parsley.


Bok choy flavourings are as endless as the amount of Asian cuisines you are familiar with.

Firstly cooking methods. Stir-fry obviously, also steam, boil add as leaves/stems to broths, coconut base soups, curries of S.E Asian variety.

Flavour with garlic, ginger, light soy and sesame oil

garlic and oyster sauce

ginger ,garlic and whole yellow bean sauce Rau ram leaves good on rice noodles.

Chilli flakes and garlic fried in oil Light soy sauce

Fish sauce and fried dry shrimps.

yellow bean soy and garlic and coriander

sichuan black bean chilli paste etc etc etc don't stop experimenting its a textural vehicule vegetable

Sauce brands I recommend are Lee Kum KEE and david Thompsons MEGA CHEF range of Thai sauces.

Broccoli sprouts Bunch

Cook stems leaves and all ;very tasty.

Cabbage cour a la gallego

Look up the Portuguese recipe.

Cabbage flower of spring sugar loaf

steam in wedges and dress with olive oil lemon juice and black pepper!!
Shred for the sweetest salad.


this herb only grows in the cooler months its sort of an opposite of basil
the main thing is it is added at the end of preparation not during cooking
goes well with Tomatoe
leeks and butter with orichette pasta ,Marriage made in heaven!!
All egg dishes
chicken and fish
One of the french 'FINE HERBES"

Eggs Duck###

fabulous value very large eggs delicious made into frittata , Quiche withe the addition of lots of spring Herbs.
Make excellent Spanish Tortilla(with smoked Paprika) Perfect for fried rice with a little soy sauce and sesame oil.


iT can be used to replace coriander ,it has a similar pungency.

Fennel Bulb ###

delicious raw with walnuts , dried tomatoes and lots of chopped parsley: or oranges and black olives.!! use fresh fruity vinegar such as cider or moscatel and lots of Olive oil when dressing.

Potato and fennel soup
2 diced onions 5 fresh bay leaves two bulbs of fennel sliced,sautee in 80mls of olive oil with 50g of butter and 2 tspns of salt until lightly golden.Add1 kg of peeled sliced heather potatoes then2 lts of chicken stock or water and bouillon.simmer until soft then mash or puree to desired soup consistency Check seasoning finish with chopped young fennel greens and
yoghurt with crushed garlic.
Tomato fennel pasta.
make a rich diced onion and fennel tomato sauce with lots of olive oil finish with chopped green garlic and chives serve with your favourite  pasta.

Kale curly

same uses as open leaf variety

Leeks Baby

Blanch and BBQ ,or roast whole and make a warm salad with walnuts , chervil and fresh cheese.


DELICOUS SNACK= slivers of quince topped with  walnuts and a rich BLACK coffee keep you going all afternoon.
Traditional Argentine and spanish use is on top of a slice of cheese after dinner.

Radish daikon, baby ones

for winter soups and slow cooked clay pot dishes


Rhubarb, if you don't want to cook with sugar use 1/2 a cup of chopped dry dates the juice of two oranges and the zest of one simmer gently and let stand overnight.


Not only is this spinach fabulous cooked, but the first way I was introduced to it was by an Italian lady who cooked with me. Every Sunday she made this salad for her parents!

Shred the spinach superfine, like lettuce of old. Dress with chopped garlic Dijon mustard, red wine vinegar, olive oil and S&P. Eat after a hearty dinner.

Tomato Sauce

Lifts a sausage into gourmet status.

tomatoes dried

antipasto snack, add to mixed grain salads. drop in a braise towards the end.
cook with onions garlic capers and white wine for a pasta dressing.